Blood Multimedia Paintings

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blood Multimedia Paintings at Rice Polak Gallery

Blood Orange 40 x 48 x 3, 2013 Sold

Detail image above

Dual Panel Abstract A, 12 x 16 x 3, 2013 Sold

Dual Panel Abstract B, 12 x 16 x 3, 2013 Sold

Red Hot, 24 x 48 x 3, 2015 Sold

Detail image above Sold

Blood Multimedia oil and wax medium paintings

In this series the title can have multiple meanings to many different people:
Mainly used in the UK, "blud" comes from bredrin (brother) or blood brother blud,
doesn't have to mean a literal brother, more like a friend, "how you blud?" "safe blud."
Urban “blud” means homie, bro in the hood or gangsta bros. However, the word Blood
strikes a specific cord to me.    

In 2013 I suffered a near death illness. During my recovery, these multimedia paintings beginning with Blood Orange metaphorically reflects my intense anger, rage, passion
and desire to dig myself out from near death with a resilience and determination to
gouge and scrape away- digging for blood,from the surface, the dark disparity into
the light of life, survival to thrive, give thanks and have gratitude to be alive.

Willie Little

Artist & Storyteller

All the work sold Summer 2015 at:

                                                              Rice Polak Gallery
                                                           430 Commercial Street
                                                         Provincetown,MA 02657
                                                            Marla Rice.Director

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  1. Hi I saw your pictures on pinterest they are very interesting and nice! Congratulations!

    I would like to ask you about this work "Bleu Flame Totem, 16 x 72 x 3, Oxidation painting with galkyd glaze on panel, 2010” how to achieve this effect? and if this done on rusty sheet metal?

    you work with acids? can you share me some video of how you work? Thank you!